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十月 18, 2009



全國大城市高鐵站選址研究的簡報,現放在本網站右上角 “Presentations”一欄供下載。

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  1. LEUNG Wai Man, Colina permalink
    十月 22, 2009 2:29 上午

    I agree with your scheme. However, at this later stage, it seems impossibile to change the government’s view. Also, the public seems not too interest in the technical issue, but the sensational issue like “Choi Yuen Tsuen". Your team’s effort is very much appreciated. I hope that you can make use of the media to promote the scheme and let the public know that it is not necessary to change platform but just stay in the train and they can arrive West Kowloon(Kowloon Station) direct(if the train can share use the railway of Airport Express Rail). Regards, a civil engineer.

  2. 一月 9, 2010 4:29 上午

    嗰啲唔返大陸或者唔畀返大陸嘅人 先會諗得出將個總站起喺冇雷公咁遠


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