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  1. Edwin Bin permalink
    十月 19, 2009 8:01 上午

    Agree with your proposal.

    Better still, this station (Kam Sheung Road?) should have a rail link to the Lok Ma Chau line of East Rail.

  2. HK CEO permalink
    十月 20, 2009 1:36 上午

    Right, this is the best route. Don’t waste taxpayers’ money AGAIN! Donald Tsang should step down.

  3. Lee permalink
    十月 20, 2009 2:08 上午

    Support!!! Sometimes I doubt how many Civil Servants have accumulated WestKowloon flats in these few years…

  4. Stanley permalink
    十月 20, 2009 6:39 上午

    It is hard to deny that the Gov’t’s Proposal is most likely for the sake of the Rich staying
    around the area of the New West Kowloon………

  5. Eric Yuen permalink
    十一月 28, 2009 2:56 上午

    This proposal seems more fair and cost-effective as
    1. Better utilize the “Under-Used" airport railway
    2. Enable more resident, especially new territory to take a ride on it.
    3. With a quick lane (Airport Railway) from existing Kowloon Station and Hong Kong Station, the people live there actually won’t spend more time for this new proposal.
    4. Less under-ground construction work that may affects people, less money waste
    5. More direct connection from Airport and the Express Railway station in Kam Tin
    6. Can enable more development chance for area near Kam Tin.
    7. Can free more precious land for west kowloon area.

    Hope the government not that stuborn to adapt new mind at this stage.

  6. 十二月 22, 2009 3:41 下午

    Even in your revised proposal, only the residents in West NT and West/Middle Kowloon and HK are more willing to take XRL to the mainland China, but the residents in East Kowloon up to TKO doesnt have much time saving if taking XRL via the Airport Express or West Rail line, comparing with the East Rail route at present.

    I recommend the Airport Line should extend to East Kowloon (eg: Kwun Tong) and terminated in the TKO area which could greatly enecourage the people in these 2 dense population areas in HK to take the XRL instead of old East Rail. Some rough calculation follows:

    XRL (4 mins)
    Immigration and Custom (15 mins)
    Trasnfer to HKIE (2 mins)
    HKIE to Kuwn Tong/TKO Station of Airport Express (limited within 25-30 mins)

    Total time: 51 mins
    This have 23 minutes gain from your current proposal (74 mins) if we depart from TKO. Also, having around 20 minutes gain if we taking the East Rail (40 Mins) + MTR (30 mins) from TKO to LoWu. I think it is pretty worth the extension of this airport express can encourage the East Kowloon people to take Airpot Express to airport or China via XRL.

    Pls consider and feedback.


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